November 10, 2013 | Posted in:Merchandising

This will be an interesting holiday ecommerce shopping season.  The world of ecommerce is changing, as it is all the time it seems, with new players and old making pushes and promotional messaging to get through to the consumer.  Connecting with the consumer in more than just ecommerce, however, is what is going to be the difference this year and in years to come.  The retailers that can truly connect with the customer, and provide a community and something of value more than just a shopping site with a competitive price, will be the retailers that are most successful.

If the retailers can capitalize on small advantages, like Amazon having to add sales tax in many states (with more to come), they will be well positioned to have a better year than they would have otherwise.  All customers expect competitive pricing now, free or greatly discounted pricing around the holidays, and rewards for frequent customers.  This information also helps retailers segment their customers, and present offers and suggestions to them at just the right time.  They key to a successful ecommerce business, more than any other role, is that of the merchandising manager in charge of presenting the products to the customer in a way that generates the most revenue per visit. Increasing cart size somehow with higher margin products, improving search results, and digging into the analytics of the data to find some actionable information that can be used to improve revenue are just some of the things that a merchandiser can do to make it a better than expected holiday season for retailers.

More will be coming in another post soon, geared entirely toward merchandising.  So until then…