About Joe Rozsa

My name is Joe Rozsa and I am a professional ecommerce consultant. I've worked with virtually every ecommerce platform imaginable, as well as many types of ecommerce organizations, from small business to global brands, start-ups to re-platforms. Hopefully this blog will help you with any ecommerce questions you may have.

eCommerce Blog

The eCommerce blog contains articles that I'm accumulating over time on a variety of topics, including best practices for things to consider, things I've seen over the years, recommendations for operating an ecommerce business, and a step by step guide to help guide you when starting your own ecommerce business.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce is the fastest growing aspect of online transacting, and it expected to grow exponentially over the next several years. More tablets are sold now than laptop and desktop computers, and your ecommerce site has to provide a quality experience for the potential customers out there who use those devices to shop.